Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dream Team:  Hong Seobeom, Jo Yeonggu, Yeo Hongchul, Minwoo, Chunji, Kim Dongjun, Seyong, Ohsong, Lee Seunggyun, Kim Giyeol, Jeong Beomgyun, Shorry, Byeon Gisu, Cheolhan, Choi Seongjo, Marco, Park Jaemin, Sinwoo, Kim Seunghyeon.

Viewers are competing against Dream Team in the Super Race Capture the Flag.  100 viewers were selected in the preliminaries.  They compete against each other until only 20 were left to compete with Dream Team.

The viewers are really fast and even made their own strategy to eliminate the Dream Team members.  They're really serious about the race and were there to win it. ^^

Dream Team - Episode 130 w/ English subtitles
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credits: ithetimes@worpress