Thursday, August 16, 2012

Line Up:  ALi, Sung Hoon, Park Jaebum, Taemin, Lyn, Ailee, No Brain.
Legend:  Hyeon In

First singer picked is Lyn with the song "Seoul Serenade" that she arranged into an acoustic ballad.  ALi was chosen next with the song "Raining Gomoryeong" that she turned into hip hop.  After 2 female singers, it's a male singer this time, the male Lee Hyori according to Shin Dongyup, Park Jaebum.  He chose the song "Silla's Moonlit Night" for his final performance in Immortal Song 2.

4th singer is Sung Hoon with the song "Love in a Dream".  Ailee sings next with "Besame Mucho".  Next picked is Taemin with "Be Strong Geumsun".  Jay and Taemin were paired up in the pre-show interview in this episode, it's so cute that they both danced the Sherlock dance on their way out, lol! XD  And the final singer is No Brain with "Lucky Seoul", I think it's so sweet that they're a rock band but is offering their performance for their parents. =)

Immortal Song 2 - Episode 46 w/ English subtitles

credits:  ithetime@wordpress

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