Sunday, August 19, 2012

The boys came wearing suits again, I love seeing them in suits, so handsome! ^^  Dongwan ranked first in the ranking and seeing this, Eric is thinking it must be something bad, but Hyesung is last so Eric hesitated because it might be something good too, LOL! XD  Eric's 2 "favorite" guys are at both ends. =P  Like always, they guess what the ranking is about, and their guesses are so funny! LOL! XD

The ranking is "The member who you want to be a friend of according to 20-30 years old male".  Dongwan looked happy to be 1st, but even he himself said that maybe they don't know him well, lol! XD  They also asked those 100 males to pick who they think is the most handsome among the members. ^^

They're choosing "The Best Friend", and invited 50 male audience to watch them live and vote again in the end.  1st game is pocket ball, they have to put 5 balls in the holes to win.  2nd game is balloon boxing, the member to hit the most balloons wins.  Next is survival quiz game, they have to discuss and give the same answer to the question.  They will then vote out one member each round.

Shinhwa Broadcast - Episode 22 w/ English subtitles

credits:  Shia&Reagy@tumblr

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