Monday, August 20, 2012

Hosts: Boom and Kim Shin Young
G6: Suzy, Bora, Jiyoung, Hyoyeon, Yewon, Sunny

G6 open in their airport fashion and had a short airport fashion show. ^^  They're going to pick onion, garlic and potatoes this time.  The idol guests are Lee Joon, Jokwon, and Kwanghee (who came riding a tourist bus, LOL! XD).

Kwanghee and Hyoyeon were good friends before debut, but Kwanghee got intimidated with SNSD after debut which is why it's difficult for him to approach Hyoyeon then.  But seeing how he screamed "Kim Hyoyeon!" to Hyo, I think they are really close, so cute! ^^  Joon is getting teased again because he won't say who he likes best among the girls. =P  He keeps on stammering, not knowing what to say, LOL! XD  He's so adorable! ^^

They played a watermelon eating game to decide the team members, there will be onion team, garlic team and potatoes team.  The girls made Joon eat the onion and he did, it was awful!  But when asked to take a bite again, he did again, and again, he's weak when it comes to girls, lol! XD  Jokwon team talked about ghosts, and Kwanghee team talked about picking stage costumes among members.

Sadly, this is also Sunny's last day on the show. =(

Invincible Youth S2 - Episode 31 w/ English subtitles

credits:  KpopJunkie Subs

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